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Key Greyhounds on the Mardi Gras Thursday Night Card

Tonight's 2nd race at Mardi Gras has a nice key greyhound, #1, Paws Syntax. This greyhound has the best adjusted time average on the Stat Attack, and a good grade average. The #1 box has been strong at grade D, and Paws Syntax likes this post position, scoring 2 wins and 5 seconds in 10 starts from the 1/2 area. Watch for a benefit on the rail when #2, #3 and #4 all tend to run wide.

I'm stretching a little in the 5th race. I like #8, Kiowa Cross Otto. This is a good post position for this greyhound. Kiowa Cross Otto has finished first or second in 70% of starts from the outside boxes. I'll be using this runner in all slots in the exotics.

The 6th race is on the longer 3/8ths-mile course. This time I'm backing #2, Bow Caroline. Here is a greyhound with a good time average and the best grade average in the field. In this setup, Bow Caroline has a break advantage over #3, and should not get interference from the #1 runner.

We may get some good odds on #4, Odd Ray, in the 7th. This greyhound has the fastest adjusted time average in the field, and also the best grade average. Odd Ray has done surprisingly well from the tough midtrack boxes, finishing in first or second in 50% of his starts from the 3/4/5 area. Here's another dog I'll use in all slots in the exotics.

Tonight's 8th race is a nice grade A contest. Take a look at #2, Kiowa Runoff. This greyhound has the best times and the best grade average and also sports a terrific post record. Kiowa Runoff has gone to bat 11 times from the 1/2/3 area, and has scored an impressive 6 wins! Watch for good late speed from Kiowa Runoff.

According to the Stat Attack, #1, Deerfiled Peter has a huge speed advantage over the field in the 10th race. His adjusted time average is .25 seconds better than the next best, giving Deerfiled Peter a 3.5-lengths advantage. Coupled with the strong post position advantage, Deerfiled Peter should be a high-probability play tonight.

In tonight's 12th race, I'm hoping that the crowd backs the #8 runner and leaves me free to wager on #1, Dollar Donor, at longer odds. This greyhound loves the inside box, winning 80% of starts from the #1 and #2 post positions. Dollar Donor also has a huge break advantage over #2.

That's the story on tonight's races at Mardi Gras. Premium Members are invited to grab their free Stats and have some fun handicapping these 13 races for tonight!

Gordon Waite

Three Winners in Seven Tries at Mardi Gras

I got off to a good start at Mardi Grade on Thursday night. In the 2nd race I had selected Paws Syntax as my key. This greyhound went off at 3.4-1 odds and broke right to the lead. It was a box-to-wire performance and Paws Syntax ended up four lengths ahead of the crowd favorite, who finished 2nd. The win payoff was $8.80, and the Perfecta came in at $49.80. Paws Syntax headed a Trifecta worth $136, and the ten-cent Super paid $29.49. That was a nice way to start the night.

The 5th race wasn't quite as satisfying, though. Kiowa Cross Otto came out of the #8 box in 4th place and showed a little acceleration. After hitting the 1/8th pole in 3rd, Kiowa Cross Otto started to fade, ending up in 5th place by about eight lengths. Kiowa Cross Otto had gone off as the crowd favorite at 2.5-1 odds.

I was back in control during the 6th race, where my key runner was the #2 dog, Bow Caroline. This greyhound went off at 4.1-1 odds and was 3rd out of the starting box. Bow Caroline improved steadily, moving into the lead late and then pulling away by four lengths. Bow Caroline paid $10.20 for the victory, and was part of the Quiniela worth $35.60. The Perfecta was a nice $69.90, while the Tri paid $235.60 and the ten-cent Sup paid $24.09. Two for three so far, and no complaint from me!

My see-saw night continued when Odd Ray finished 5th in the 7th race tonight. My key went off as a huge favorite, with 0.6-1 odds. But this dog broke dead last, then showed some late speed, moving up into 5th but losing by only 1.5 lengths. Let me tell you, this was one exciting race! And if it wasn't for problems on the turn, Odd Ray might have been the winner here.

It was close in the 2nd, but the best my key could do was a nice 2nd-place finish. Kiowa Runoff was sent to post as the crowd favorite, with odds of 0.6-1. This runner was 3rd out of the starting boxes and improved slightly, finishing in the place spot about 3.5 lengths behind the winner.

There have been a lot of very strong favorites tonight, and I managed to back a good one in the 10th race. My key, Deerfiled Peter, was 0.4-1 on the odds board when he went box to wire for a nice victory. Deerfiled Peter won by a length, and paid $2.80 for the win. The Q and P were small, and even the Trifecta paid only $37.60. You had to know these small payoffs were coming, as this runner had everything working in his favor.

My next #1 pick, Dollar Donor in the 12th race, couldn't get things going tonight. This key went to post at 4.5-1 odds, breaking 5th. After some problems on the corner, Dollar Donor was in last place at the 1/8th call before turning on some late speed and working up to 6th. Dollar Donor was 12 lengths off the leader in the end.

So it wasn't a bad night tonight. I scored three wins in seven races, although none of them were real whoppers. Still, it was definitely a profitable night at the races, and that is what counts. Besides having fun, maybe! See you all at Phoenix on Friday night!